Business Law PowerPoint

Step 1: Use PowerPoint or Google Slides to create your presentation. You must include the following: Define lawExplain the difference between law and moralityExplain common lawExplain the difference between criminal and civil law and give an exampleExplain jurisdiction Explain the Federal Court System and the Federal Circuit SystemHow does one file a case in Federal … Read more

Writer’s choice

Have you ever subscribed to a newspaper or magazine? When you are in a waiting room with magazines, which ones are you likely to read? Are you likely to stay in bed on Sunday and read the newspaper? Most of us have a favorite magazine or newspaper, even if we are not a subscriber. In … Read more

Fake medical news

Fake Medical NewsAs in other areas, the internet is an enormously important source of information about health, medicine, and our bodies. However, some of this information is not true. There has been a rise in fake medical information online, ranging from poorly informed opinions to outright hoaxes, especially as it relates to disease-causing microbes. Obviously, … Read more

Critical Analysis

Analyze the effect of relationships between students and teachers in the process of learning.Description of the activity:You must submit a critical analysis of no less than five pages in APA style in its seventh edition.I requested for this analysis 4 sources. One of the source will be:Jensen, E., & McConchie, L. (2020). Brain based learning: … Read more

operating system vulnerabilities (SAR)

Congratulations. You are the newly appointed lead cybersecurity engineer with your company in the oil and natural gas sector. This is a senior-level position.You were hired two months ago based on your successful cybersecurity experience with a previous employer. Your technical knowledge of cybersecurity is solid. However, you have a lot to learn about this … Read more

Research Project

Analyze the effect of motivation and movement on the process of learning. Description of the activityYou must submit a critical analysis of NO LESS THAN FIVE PAGES in APA style in its seventh edition. The exposition of your argument should include at least five pages using APA style 7th.One of the 4 source should be:Jensen, … Read more

Career Research Paper DRAFT

I expect a certain percentage, as urls included from webpages and direct quotes from sources are expected. What I should not see is large chunks of data copied and pasted from your sources. Remember, I want to hear your voice, not the voice of your source. Tell me why they interested you. What I expect from … Read more

Ponzi Schemes

Bernie Madoff (1938-2021) was a financier who committed one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in American history. For almost 20 years, millions of investors put their trust in Madoff and financed their life savings and retirement. Unfortunately, those same investors lost billions of dollars once the scheme was exposed. In this assignment, you will explore the … Read more

community/youth involvement and activities of the New Orleans Saints

The link is included in the instructionsReport AssignmentASSIGNMENT: Write a memo report on community/youth involvement and activities of the New Orleans Saints (players and team) in recent months. Address the report to the team’s director of publicity and stress how the director might use those facts in future local publicity. As part of your report, … Read more


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