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53 Y/O/F presented today with complaints of worsening abdominal swelling, jaundi

53 Y/O/F presented today with complaints of worsening abdominal swelling, jaundiced eyes bilaterally. Pt. today reports of ETOH abuse drinking 6 beers per day with 1-2 shots of Taquila daily x 2 years who is still drinking last drink 2 days ago, denies any h/o depression/anxiety but states high stress on job as a salesperson in retail business. Complaints of generalized fatigue, weight gain with intermittent headache, without any neuro changes. Family History: Denies family hx of autoimmune disorder, liver disease/cancer, colon cancer or any other GI issues. Mother also had liver disease, diabetes, ESRD and possible leukemia. Social History: ETOH use as above, denies tobacco or drug use; no tattoos present, not sexually active. Vitals & Measurements T: 36.3 °C (Oral) HR: 97(Peripheral) RR: 17 BP: 139/87 SpO2: 100% HT: 163 cm WT: 56.100 kg WT: 56.1 kg BMI: 21.11 kg/m2 PE: General: Patient awake and alert HEENT: Atraumatic, normocephalic, no lymphadenopathy. Icteric sclera Neuro: Patient awake and alert, oriented to self, date, location, CN intact Abdomen: Moderately distended abdomen, + bowel sounds, positive fluid wave, non-tender to palpation, no rebound tenderness, unable to palpate liver and spleen. Lungs: BL Lung sound normal A/P, without any wheezing, no rhonchi, no rails Extremities: 1+ lower extremities edema Skin: severe yellowing of her skin and eyes Labs: CBC WBC: 12.8 K/cumm High RBC: 2.46 M/cumm Low Hgb: 8.7 g/dL Low Hct: 25.6 % Low MCV: 104 fL High MCH: 35.3 pg High MCHC: 33.9 g/dL Platelet: 180 K/cumm RDW: 18.3 % High MPV: 8.6 fL Labs – Chemistry Alk Phos: 144 U/L High ALT: 120 U/L AST: 246 U/L High Bili Direct: 3.8 mg/dL High Bili Total: 8.9 mg/dL High Albumin Lvl: 3.1 g/dL Low Protein Total: 5.3 g/dL Low Ammonia: 67 umol/L High Lipase Lvl: 69 U/L High Sodium Lvl: 132 mmol/L Low Potassium Lvl: 5.4 mmol/L Low Chloride Lvl: 108 mmol/L CO2 Lvl: 17 mmol/L Low Creatinine Lvl: 2.20 mg/dL eGFR: 45 mL/min/1.73 m2 BUN: 16 mg/dL Glucose Lvl: 87 mg/dL AGAP: 7 mmol/L Calcium Lvl: 8.1 mg/dL Low Magnesium: 2 mg/dL Phosphorus: 2.9 mg/dL

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