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a satisfactory DF contribution will include 2 paragraphs of minimum 8 lines eac

a satisfactory DF contribution will include 2 paragraphs of minimum 8 lines each on two assigned materials.
For this Discussion Forum:
1. Your first paragraph should be on Ch. 1-2 of Armstrong’s A Short History of Myth, as well as the short Agha-Jaffar’s Women and Goddesses in Myth and Sacred Text. What are two commendations and two criticisms you have of the Armstrong introductory chapters? Further, what differences if any do you detect between Armstrong and Agha-Jaffar in how they treat the theme of goddesses and the feminine in ancient myth?
Note: I have provided a PDF of the Armstrong chapters this week only as everyone gets their books sorted. Starting next week, you’ll need your own hard or digital copy of the Armstrong. Fyi, free digital copies are not hard to find.
2. Your second paragraph should can be on The Epic of Gilgamesh, Books I-III. Some questions you might consider in conjunction with the lecture-notes: 1. What do you consider the most interesting poetic images and narrative techniques used in the Prologue?; 2. How would you interpret the encounter of Enkidu the wild-man and Shamhat the courtesan in relation to the Garden of Eden myth?; 3. Explain what Enkidu looses after the encounter with Shamhat and what he gains?; 4. Interpret the first encounter of Gilgamesh and Enkidu and its outcome? Why do they decide to go and kill the Forest’s Guardian? Does this sound like a good idea?
Note: I have provided the full MP3 of George Guidall’s masterful reading of Mitchell’s translation of The Epic of Gilgamesh. Just listen to Books I-III for this week if you don’t have your book yet. You’ll also need to get a hard copy of this book, but again, it’s easy to find a free PDF of online. Other editions are recommended only if you want to pursue a more scholarly, rather than story-teller approach, to Gilgamesh, in which case, the old Andrew George penguin edition, or recent Sophus Helle editions are recommended.
FOR MY TUTOR: It is not letting me post the mp3 for the second paragraph, but I will figure out a way once the tutor is chosen. Thank you.





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