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Aesthetics Forum For this forum, your post must be 300 words minimum and must re

Aesthetics Forum
For this forum, your post must be 300 words minimum and must refer to at least one the essays we read in this section. Your post must contain at least one direct quote citation from one of the essays that supports your position. Put the citation in quotes, then give the author’s name and page number for example: (Thoreau, 122).
Choose ONE of the following prompts based on either the excerpts from Thoreau or Abram:
Based on Thoreau’s Essay
1. Imagine that you are Thoreau. Persuade your readers to accept your perspectives.
2. If everyone accepted Thoreau’s ideas and lived them, it is clear that our society would not look the way it does today. Try to embody and defend the anti-Thoreau attitudes of contemporary Industrial culture.
Based on David Abram’s Essay:
3. Explain the function and activities of the shaman and defend the importance of this work for both human health and human understanding. Argue that we should continue to have people in contemporary US society who fulfill this role, and that much of the sickness (especially mental illness), environmental degradation, and disconnection from nature in our society is because we lack people such as shamans to work for the health of the community and the natural world.
4. Argue that we do not need shamans or other similar types of healers in contemporary US/Industrial society, and defend this position with reasoning and evidence.

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