Alcohol and Drug Movie Project: You will prepare a 2-page minimum (12 point font

Alcohol and Drug Movie Project: You will prepare a 2-page minimum (12 point font, double spaced) critique about a popular movie in which substance use is a central role of the movie. The objective of this assignment is to supplement your knowledge of the wide variety of alcohol and drug use issues that exist and to provide you with a dramatic representation of substance use “in action”. Comparing what you have learned in this class about addiction and how it is portrayed in the movie is the main idea. You will be provided a list of movies to choose from. Your paper will be based on the detailed guidelines outlined below. List attached. Please note: Some of these movies are rated R and may contain graphic language, and other graphic material. Please choose your movie according to your comfort with these issues. This project is worth 75 points. Movie Assignment according to the following 3 areas: Paper Guidelines: In a minimum 2 pages, 12 point font, double spaced address questions such as: Do the facts in the movie seem accurate based on what you have learned in this class? What important information seems to be missing from the movie? How might this information be used to enhance/combat stereotypes about substance use? If you or a family member had this problem how would this movie impact you? What questions does this movie raise for you regarding substance use? Relate specific information from what you learned in this class to how it was portrayed in the movie. Movie Paper Specifics Provide a brief overview of the movie. Discuss the plot of the movie Discuss how drug use was involved in the movie Did drug use play an essential role in the movie? Based on the information presented in class evaluate: How drug use was presented in the movie E.g., was if presented positively/negatively, etc. Was the impact of drug use presented realistically? E.g., were issues of intoxication, withdrawal, psychological, social etc., aspects of use presented? What was the addiction process in this movie? If treatment was presented in the movie discuss how it was presented, was it accurate to the treatments options you read about in our treatment module? Provide your reaction to the movie. How does this movie portray drug use? What were some of the creative or unique issues in this movie? What impact could this movie have on your peers, teens, and children and/or society? What are the benefits and/or limitations to such a movie?





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