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Answer the following questions in a concise and clean presentation using a Power

Answer the following questions in a concise and clean presentation using a PowerPoint or Google slides with key statements. Your presentation should be clean, neat, organized, easy to read, free of errors, and provide a visual appeal through pictures and/or graphics. Presentations should no more than 5 to 6 minutes. The database recommend for finding good academic article is with Academic Search Complete or SportDiscuss. Slide 1=Describe the the purpose(s) of the article. What research question(s) are the researchers trying to answer? or What information are the researchers trying to summarize? slide 2= Give a brief summary of the study, or information reviewed. What did they do? Who did they study? What did they review? How did they collect the information/data? slide 3= Discuss any statistical method(s) used to analyze data. (NOTE: SPSS and SAS are not a statistical methods, these are software packages used to run the statistical method.) If no statistical method was used discuss how the information in the article was organized. slide 4= Summarize the results/conclusion of the article. slide 5= Write one discussion question relating to the article you picked for your peers to answer. Make sure your question is clear and easy to understand. **Other slides can have graphics or pictures** Citation (APA format). Properly record the article as you would in a reference list using proper APA rules/ guidelines. Assigned topics: Sex segregation Olympic games and female athletes Paralympic games and female athletes

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