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As we have seen so far, similar environmental conditions in different places do

As we have seen so far, similar environmental conditions in different places do not always produce the exact same adaptations among species. We have seen how humans living in high altitudes in different places may have differences in the adaptations that have manifested among each of those populations. We have seen how noses may take on different shapes and size depending on a population’s adaptive evolution to their specific environment. For this assignment, we have two different examples of different kinds of adaptations occurring between two similar but distinct populations that have both adopted seafaring lifestyles.
Please refer only to the sources provided and cite both articles!
textbook ch: https://pressbooks-dev.oer.hawaii.edu/explorationsbioanth/chapter/__unknown__-3/

summarize the genetic adaptation that has occurred in each instance
describe what kinds of associated behaviors would allow each population to perform because of the adaptations being discussed
explain what tests were done to determine and describe the adaptations being shown
2 pages, APA format guideline
follow apa writing guidelines
reference page, citations
double spaced

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