Assignment Directions Topic: Diabetes Next, use PICOT to format a possible resea

Assignment Directions
Topic: Diabetes
Next, use PICOT to format a possible research question about that topic.
Find one quantitative or qualitative peer-reviewed research article published within the last five years related to your nursing topic. Reminder: All peer-reviewed research articles have methods, discussion, and results sections.
Upload the article with your paper in PDF or Word format. This source can be used again in the Week 4 article assignment if it meets the criteria.
See PICOT Formatting Guide Download PICOT Formatting Guide I have attached this in case you cannot view it.
Include the following:
Title page
Provide a brief description of the topic and background information (see page 37 of your textbook). You can use your text, your peer-reviewed journal source, or the EBP care sheets in CINAHL or Nursing Reference Center Database.
Explain the significance of the topic to nursing practice (see chart on page 37 of your textbook). Background information can be found in journal articles in the introduction section. Results and conclusions will speak to the significance of the topic. The EBP care sheets provide a variety of sources for you to choose from.
Provide one clearly-stated PICOT question.
Include one peer-reviewed journal source related to your topic.
The chosen topic and PICOT will be used for your Week 9 poster assignment. It will also guide your article searches in Week 4 on which you will complete appraisals in Week 6.
Your paper should:
Be 2–3 pages (not including the title page and reference page)
Use current APA format to style your paper and to cite your source.
There will be a 5-point deduction if the peer-reviewed research journal article is not used, and a 5-point deduction if the article is not included with your submission.
Below I have attached an example of what the paper should look like.





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