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College writing often focuses more on research, or more deeply on research than

College writing often focuses more on research, or more deeply on research than students might have experienced previously, and asks students to interpret that research rigorously, ethically, and thoughtfully. The research on which the writing in college is based must have a solid foundation; it must go beyond featuring a few articles found in a last-minute online search and offer deeper investigation into a topic, placing multiple credible sources in conversation. College writing also requires critical thinking from the researcher/writer, to interpret information and arrange it rhetorically for an audience.
Research is everywhere. But it varies in depth, accuracy, timeliness, and reliability, so it’s not always possible to accept something at face value. The ability to discern between credible and effective information and that which is not credible and effective is an important capability to develop, not just for college but for work and life beyond.
Through research, we become discerning users of information rather than just passive consumers of it.
In this class, understanding research begins with considering the academic context and exploring a topic deeply.
-Academic Research Writing: What is it?https://quillbot.com/courses/research-based-writing/chapter/academic-research-writing-what-is-it/
-What is Academic Writing? by L. Lennie IrvinLinks to an external site.
For this assignment, complete the readings above and post a response in less than 250 words to the following questions:
1.What surprises you about academic writing according to the readings? What do you find interesting or problematic, and why?
2.In a few sentences, how would you describe what academic writing is?
3.What kinds of research have you experienced in the past? Have you used search engines to find information, and have you used library resources? What kinds of writing using research have you done in the past?
4.What are you hoping to learn about the research process and about research writing?

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