Delve into the core principles of qualitative research and the paradigms on whic

Delve into the core principles of qualitative research and the paradigms on which qualitative research is based. Qualitative inquiry is informed by the researcher’s worldview ,which is tied to a specific research paradigm. The “researcher-as instrument” is therefore expected to be fully transparent about their worldview as this will significantly shape the research process from design and choice of methods right up to data analysis and presentation of the study’s findings.
This assignment is an essay that includes three parts:
Provide an overview of 4-6 key characteristics of qualitative research.
Discuss the relevant paradigm/s that form the foundation of qualitative research.
Reflect critically on your worldview as a graduate researcher. Think deeply about how and in what ways, and why your worldview aligns with any of the research paradigms discussed in (b) above. You are encouraged to thoughtfully dig down into your “inner researcher” to uncover and think about some of your own biases and assumptions, as these may inform and facilitate useful insights regarding your approach to planning and conducting research.
Length: 3 pages
References: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly sources.
The completed assignment should address all of the assignment requirements, exhibit evidence of concept knowledge, and demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the content presented in the course. The writing should integrate scholarly resources, reflect academic expectations and current APA standards





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