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Describe three key insights you gained about eLearning design by reviewing your peer’s course. Examine how an innovative or creative approach utilized in your peer’s course enhance


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  1. you will evaluate your own work, include the following:
    1. Describe three key insights you gained about eLearning design by reviewing your peer’s course.
    2. Examine how an innovative or creative approach utilized in your peer’s course enhanced the overall learning experience.
    3. Discuss how viewing your own work inspires ideas for your future eLearning designs and teaching approaches.
    4. Critique the effectiveness of your course through the lens of three dimensions of Kahn’s Web-Based Framework.
    5. Imagine yourself as the new owner of your course. Describe the adjustments you would make to align your course with your instructional style.
    6. Include 3-5 credible, scholarly sources using (SWS) format.
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Courtney Hopkins

Week 8 Assignment Designing and Developing Elearning

Professor Teresa Harvey

May 25, 2024


“Digital Literacy: Navigating Technology in the Modern World”

Lesson 1: Introduction to Digital Tools and Resources

Welcome Message:

Hello and welcome to the first lesson of our Digital Literacy class! In this lesson, many

digital tools and resources that will help you with personal development as well as career

advancement will be discussed. Welcome to this course and thank you for joining me in this

endeavor of making you more conscious of the digital environment.

Learning Objectives:

Learn how to compare and select tools for specific tasks.

Identify suitable electronic tools and media sources for personal and professional use.

Learn how to use these tools effectively in your routines and exercises.

Video Resource:

Video Title: ” Digital Literacy Skills to Succeed in Learning and Beyond”

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgEGbMPJcAo

Description: The idea of this video is to reveal the list of core digital competencies, in

particular readiness to work with the tools for digital technologies.

Additional Resource:

Resource Title: ” Ghare, J. J., & Kastikar, A. A. (2024). Digital Literacy and Skill

Development. International Journal for Science and Advance Research in Technology

(IJSART), 10(2), 210-214. ”

Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.4754269



Description: This article provides a comprehensive list of the different digital tools that

are available for use that helps in productivity enhancement such as project management and

communication tools among others.

Discussion Thread:

Prompt: “Choose a digital tool, which you use in your daily life whether it is personal or

professional. How has the tool affected your productivity? What problems did you experience

while using the tool and how did you solve them?”

Lesson 2: Digital Safety and Ethics

Welcome Message:

Greetings! Let us proceed to the second lesson in Digital Literacy! In this lesson, we will

explore the critical subject areas of digital safety and ethics. Learning how to safeguard oneself

in cyberspace and comprehending the rules of the virtual world are skills that are vital in the

modern world.

Learning Objectives:

Comprehend and utilize digital safety steps to secure online information.

Ethically practice digital acquisition and dissemination of information.

Understand the significance of digital ethics and how it can affect the society.

Video Resource:

Video Title: ” Navigating Digital Ethics: Protecting Privacy & Ensuring Online Safety”

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaNXkVzNH-s

Description: This video focuses on the role of digital ethics and how to stay safe online while

trying to follow ethical policies.



Additional Resource:

Resource Title: ” Radclyffe, C., & Nodell, R. (2020). Ethical by design: Measuring and

managing digital ethics in the enterprise.”

Link: https://doi.org/10.31235/osf.io/gj2kf

Description: This article provides information on how to protect oneself online and about

ethical guidelines that people should follow while navigating digital platforms.

Discussion Thread:

Prompt: “Tell a real-life experience that involved an ethical issue on the internet. How

did it turn out? What measures can you take to uphold ethical practices in subsequent use of the





Courtney Hopkins

Week 9 Assignment Refining Lessons and incorporating assessments

Professor Teresa Harvey

EDU 522

May 30, 2024


Lesson 3: Creating and Distributing Digital Content

Welcome Message:

Greetings to all students and welcome to the third lesson on Digital Literacy. In today’s

lesson, our major topics of discussion are content creation and content distribution. This is

another interesting feature of digital literacy which allows you to bring more of the creative

thinking and practical knowledge when creating useful digital products. I eagerly anticipate the

brilliant content that you are soon going to generate and share!

Learning Objectives:

Learn basic concepts of making contents digital.

Use fundamental principles of design in the development of good-looking digital media.

Using Various Channels for Disseminating the Digital Content Efficiently.

Assess the effects of material posted online on various target groups.

Video Resource:

Video Title: ” 10 Smart Hacks for Creating Content!”

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mffuXO_fNrI

Description: This video gives valuable advice on how to create interesting content for

digital platforms and it touches upon the question of content creation, design foundations, and

distribution channels.

Additional Resource:

Resource Title: ” Sarangapani, V., Kharuffa, A., Leat, D., & Wright, P. (2018, July).

Creating interactive digital content: A cross-cultural approach to develop critical peer feedback.

In Proceedings of the 32nd International BCS Human Computer Interaction Conference. BCS

Learning & Development. “



Link: https://doi.org.10.14236/ewic/HCI2018.31

Description: This guide provides an overview on digital content creation with focus on

the production of text, graphics and other media formats as well as tips on distribution.

Discussion Thread:

Prompt: “Reflected on a piece of digital content that impressed you, for instance, a video, blog

post, or infographic. What made this piece effective in capturing your attention or leaving a

imprint? How can it be adapted when creating your digital content?”


1. What is the best approach to developing an effective digital content strategy?

2. Explain briefly three popular means that can be used in sharing digital content efficiently.

3. Where does the application of design theory sit in the process of generating content to be

displayed on digital media?

4. How can you analyze the key effect of your online material on various targets?

5. Explain how one could develop a winning approach to shooting interesting videos.

6. What are general pitfalls that people encounter when creating digital content?

7. Describe the role of content strategy and its relevance in the process.

8. What strategies must we employ to ensure the content uploaded to the websites is

accessible to everyone?

9. In today’s digital age, how important is the audience’s reaction to the content they


10. Provide an example of how the format of the content can change when it is used on other



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