Directions: Please select one of the two prompts to address, and then respond to

Directions: Please select one of the two prompts to address, and then respond to someone that chose the opposite prompt that you addressed. Inequality Inequalities have existed since the beginning of time. Our society seems to place a tremendous amount of effort into promoting a more equal society by “leveling” the playing field. Identify and critique strategies that you are aware of in your community that attempt to “level” the playing field and create equality of opportunities. Do you believe that inequality will always be a social problem? Do we still need programs such as Affirmative Action? Explain Privilege Explain privilege as it relates to equality. Identify one area of privilege that you personally possess. Do you believe that privilege creates social problems? Does everyone have at least 1 type of privilege in our society? How would you assist a client in determining where they had some privilege? REPLY BACK TO THIS STUDENTS POST: In my community, I feel that the people making the decisions for the community are not thinking of the entire community. I know they have the heart and compassion for our community but when it comes down to decision making the decision is that of inequalities and fewer opportunities for people struggling in our community. The community members that are stakeholders as business leaders and money makers seem to get much more buy-in than anyone else in the community. In my field of working with people experiencing homelessness there is a push to develop programs for people with “Lived Experience” to make decisions and offer solutions because frankly some of the solutions are reinforcing and causing more trauma. I already see the lack of transparency in this movement. I believe that programs like Affirmative Action should exist because people are full of bias. That is the nature of being a human being and if we do not work to position ourselves with people outside of our normal group setting we miss out on wonderful opportunities of ingenuity and genius that otherwise we would have not known. Privilege can be seen everywhere. When we walk into spaces with the confidence that we are the authority that is a form of privilege. You can see it on Tik tok with the many videos of people telling others they don’t belong in a certain space. Recently in Alabama, a large group of white men ganged up on a black riverboat captain. As a person that lived in and loves the state of Alabama, I can not understand the privilege they thought they had to think they would assault an older black gentleman without any repercussions. When I looked at those videos I simply told my husband if people do not believe in privilege they should watch this video because that is exactly why the assaulting group of white men thought that situation would turn out in their favor. I believe that words like privilege and affirmative action automatically make people upset because they do not want to put in the work to acknowledge their own bias, and their own privilege, to become self-aware of how they can bring equity and equality into their own lives. But isn’t that what we do with our education? Most classes wrap back to the thought that we can not live so ethnocentric that we think our way is the only way.





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