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Discussion Board Week 13: Free Response


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Discussion Board Week 13: Free Response

Hi. I need you to do the below discussion (post and replies) for 2 courses (history 1 and 2). The same instructions need to be followed for 2 courses, which is as below:A note on the discussion board assignments – please read carefully!


This week’s discussion board assignment will again ask you to reflect on what you learned from the course material during the week. What surprised you? What did you find most interesting? What connections did you make with material you learned about in other classes you’ve taken? Or with your personal experience, such as travel?


As a reminder, the assignment is not about you simply listing facts form the textbook or course material. Everyone in class has gone over the same material, so simply restating it would be pointless. The discussion board posts are meant to give you the opportunity to share your thoughts or reflections on what you’ve learned.


And please don’t forget that using ChatGPT or other AI software to generate a response will not fulfill the assignment. If you use AI to generate, for example, three important ideas about a topic we covered this week, it won’t be a response to the question of what you, personally, found interesting. And since the discussion board assignments are designed to allow you to get to know your classmates in a virtual environment, using AI to write your answers would take away any value the assignment might have for you.


This Week’s Assignment:


This week’s discussion board is a free response, worth 5 points total. You’ll need to make an initial post and then respond to two classmates’ posts by Sunday at 11:59 pm.


Post your response to the prompt and respond to two classmates by 11:59pm Pacific Time on Sunday.


Pro tip: The discussion board works better if you make your initial post earlier in the week, and then go back and respond to two classmates by Sunday night.


Free-response discussion board prompt:


What was the most interesting/enjoyable topic to you this week and why? Can you connect the course material to other things you’ve learned or experienced?


Tips for success: This is a reflection question. There are no right or wrong answers. This is your chance to reflect freely on the material you have learned this week. Aim for a word count between 150 and 250 words.


Your response to this must still be factually correct and follow the etiquette guidelines. You can review discussion board guidelines here.

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