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Discussion Post : What the All Blacks Can Teach Us about the Business of Life, P

Discussion Post : What the All Blacks Can Teach Us about the Business of Life, Part 1
Author James Kerr was given access to the national rugby team of New Zealand, the All Blacks. This team has set a remarkable standard and could be considered the most successful professional sports franchise in history, undefeated in over 75% of their international matches over the last 100 years. Kerr’s book, Legacy: What the All Blacks Can Teach Us about the Business of Life, dives deep to uncover what is needed to develop an extraordinary, high-performance culture and how to maintain it over time. What can we — as individuals, companies and teams — learn from studying the All Blacks?
The book describes 15 lessons in personal development, self-leadership, character and more. In terms of review and assignment for the course, we are presenting the first part in this discussion post.
Part one (chapters 1-7): the book begins with words/traits like character, purpose and responsibility, among others. The author goes into great detail to give readers a view into the All Blacks’ application of these primary leadership traits and principles. The following points are for your consideration and response:
a. Summarize these traits together and describe how the All Blacks apply them in their team framework. Why are these at the foundation of the All Blacks’ philosophy?
b. At this point in the book, the author introduces us to two principles related to adapt. These are VUCA and OODA.
What do these acronyms mean, and how does the author describe them in application?
Find and describe an example in the sports industry where a leader has applied these principles from the All Blacks.
Your post should be no longer than 450 words.
It is recommended that students complete the assignment by copying/pasting each topic in boldface above into the text area of the Discussion Board and then providing your response in text format. Document uploads are not preferred.
let me know if you did not find the book

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