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Double Blind You have been working patrol with your partner, Ken, for more than

Double Blind You have been working patrol with your partner, Ken, for more than three years, and you have never seen him this anxious when answering a domestic disturbance call. “Ken, are you all right?” you ask. “Yeah, I’ll be OK. Probably some indigestion from eating that taco,” Ken responds, popping another antacid in his mouth. The last time you saw Ken this nervous was when his wife left him a year and a half ago. Because you are a woman, Ken had sought your advice then. Over countless cups of coffee, Ken had eventually confessed to you what you already had known-that the reason his wife left him was because he had run around on her one time too many. For the last three months, Ken has seemed more settled and upbeat. He has indicated to you on several occasions that his new girlfriend has made “a new man” out of him. Whatever her effect, you have to agree that Ken has a more positive attitude about his work and his life. For that, you are grateful. The three of you even had lunch together last week. As you and Ken approached the residence, you could hear shouting inside. You could also see the neighbors who had reported the disturbance peering out of their upstairs window. After you announce yourselves as the police and knock loudly on the door several times, the noise inside calms down and a man, red-faced and obviously upset, opens the door. After you and Ken step inside the house, your jaw almost hits the floor. The wife with the tear-streaked face is none other than Ken’s current girlfriend, Jane. When you turn to look at your partner, he averts his eyes. Not sure what to do, you decide to take Jane into an adjoining bedroom and ask Ken to talk with her husband in the living room. Jane is obviously embarrassed and continues to repeat over and over again, “I’m sorry.” After you calm her down, you leave her sitting on the side of the bed and return to the living room, where you find her husband apologizing to a subdued Ken for upsetting neighbors. “I’m sorry for everything, officers. I just found out that my wife has been running around on me. We’ve been married for ten years and have a six-year-old son, who is over at his grandmother’s. I got so angry when I found out that I lost my temper. If I could find the sorry bastard who’s been trying to break up our family, you would probably have to arrest me for assault and battery!” You and Ken ride in silence back to the precinct station. You volunteer to write up the report, and Ken nods in agreement as he quickly excuses himself. Pulling the tab on a diet soft drink, you take a long drinking from the can and reflect on your relationship with your partner and the report you are about to write.

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