Explain the domain of social welfare policy, in reference to the political, economic, and societal implications of social welfare. Describe the impact of the political environment on policymaking.

Discussion forum.Discussion Forum, Opinion for these 300 words. Not always need references. This does not need introduction or conclusion. This answer is the opinion about this post.

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Question: Explain the domain of social welfare policy, in reference to the political, economic, and societal implications of social welfare. Describe the impact of the political environment on policymaking.

Discussion Forum, Opinion for these 300 words. Not always need references. This does not need introduction or conclusion. This answer is the opinion about this post.


1.Social welfare policy is an important topic for Social Workers to understand as it impacts the micro, mezzo, and macro systems that social workers may work with (Jansson, 2019). One part of the domain of social welfare policy is policy practice (Jansson, 2019). Policy practice is a role that takes care of assessment, proposal, and implementation of policies in different areas (Jansson, 2019). Social welfare policy falls into one of the seven domains that our textbook covers (Jansson, 2019). These domains include healthcare, mental health, children and families, immigration, education, criminal justice, and the aging population (Jansson, 2019).

Social welfare policy has many societal implications. Policies dictate how much food assistance programs give to each person, demand civil rights for people, and provide aid for vocational schools and mental health services (Jansson, 2019). At a higher level, these policies create the outline for how our society’s economy is shaped overall. One way this occurs is in outlining the income gap between higher and lower SES people and communities (Jansson, 2019). Policies have the power to increase or decrease this economic gap. One way this may be managed is through not allowing many tax breaks for those who are already at an affluent position (Jansson, 2019).

Social welfare policy is also affected by politics at multiple levels. One example of this is in the attempt of President Trump to take away the Affordable Care Act and to reduce Medicare (Jansson, 2019). This example shows how some presidents may seek to increase social welfare programs like the Affordable Care Act by President Obama, and some may seek to remove them or not pass them (such as President Trump) (Jansson, 2019). In addition, policy is heavily impacted by the officials we elect in local and state governments as well (Jansson, 2019). As such, it is important for us social workers to advocate for policies by helping elect an official who will do so or taking part in other ways (Jansson, 2019). The impact of the political environment on policymaking is impossible to ignore as it affects each level of social work at the micro, mezzo, and macro level (Jansson, 2019).

2. The term social welfare policy means that it pertains to anything that the government chooses to do or does not choose to do (Flynn, 2021). This term also affects people’s quality of life, and it consists of a nation’s system of different programs, benefits, and services that help people with social, economic, and health needs that are important as well as fundamental to our society. There are also non-profit organizations that are geared towards alleviating distress and poverty. In essence, social welfare, “Is the relationship and responsibilities of governments to their members” (Flynn, 2021).

However, in reference to the political, economic, and social implications is that they all are important in keeping all human beings safe as well as assisting them with any barriers they may need to sustain society. When speaking in term of political implications in social welfare, “It was created, in part, to respond to pressing social needs such as poverty, social exclusion, unemployment, aging, children, mental illness, learning disabilities, and physical disabilities” (Flynn, 2021). According to Spicker, 2006 some of these examples were designed in the “United States during the twentieth century included social security, welfare, public housing, hunger and nutrition programs, childcare and child support, health care for people on low incomes, public education, and the social and health services of the Veterans’ Administration” (Flynn, 2021). Moreover, economic implications in social welfare, included “The development model or argument for society for social policy, which seeks to ameliorate risk caused by loss of income, was the impetus for a “war on poverty” approach to policy” (Flynn, 2021). Furthermore, societal implications included, is people that are living in poverty, any related drug activity, and even gun violence.

In conclusion, I feel that as a social worker we will be faced with some of these implications with our clients. We will have to have to know our laws as well as proper resources and research to assist our clients to live in society. We will have to overall, be an advocate in an environment that is forever changing rules and regulations by learning new things and keeping up with continuing education units (CEUs) as a social worker (Recognizing New Opportunities, 2013).


Why is it important to study social welfare policy? Describe the components of a policy analysis framework and explain how this framework can be used to study social welfare policy.


3. It is important to study social welfare policy because as a social worker client often need further referrals to social welfare services. Social welfare policies are also important to be able to advocate for the populations we will serve in our community. As a social worker we will, “Work with all people from all social classes, racial and ethnic groups” (Pritchard, 2023). Therefore, it is significant to give an objective evaluation of how effectively resources and opportunities to have for people for all walks of life and to find continued ways to improve to reduce any issues one maybe impacted by which can be being in poverty or having any health-related issues that can affect their well-being.

However, the components of a policy analysis framework, “Is the process of evaluating the effectiveness of initiatives designed by politicians and government organizations to benefit the public” (Pritchard, 2023). Some of these components include the prescriptive policy analysis which determines social or political issues to put together proposals geared at addressing them (Pritchard, 2023). An example is if there is a huge amount of homelessness in a certain neighborhood and how to gather information to be able to come up with plans to house ones who are homeless (Prichard, 2023). Descriptive policy analysis, “Is an objective explanation of how a given policy functions” (Pritchard, 2023). This policy is geared to what focuses on the nature and terms of how a problem is being a target and to come up with a policy.

Furthermore, other components consist of historical analysis which looks at earlier policies and the development of these policies over time and social analysis includes how a problem is described, which is social values that relates to a problem as well as goals of a particular policy. Economic analysis in fact addresses the economy and how it functions regarding behaviors of people in government and individuals. Political analysis is the major focus on stakeholders and the decisions on processes when implementing a decision and policy is the outcomes that are unintended consequences, and questions regarding cost effectiveness.

In conclusion, this can be utilized in the study of social welfare, helping set goals with clients we serve and gathering research to implement these policies. It is also imperative to understand these policies so that we know how to address them appropriately and effectively when advocacy for our clients. As a social work student, it is critical to know the Code of Ethics as well as laws and regulations to provide/protect our clients.





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