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Food Handling and Sanitation Paper instructions: Write a paper (2-4 pages, appro

Food Handling and Sanitation Paper instructions:
Write a paper (2-4 pages, approximately 1500 words) about the factors that contribute to a senior’s inability to maintain a safe and sanitary environment for food preparation. Address the senior’s limitations and potential hazards that can impact their food preparation practices and potential dangers for safe preparation and storage. The course textbook (Chapter 19) addresses some of these issues along with the supplemental reading “To Your Health, Food Safety for Seniors”. In addition, chapters 16-18 address the physiological changes and chronic diseases that can also have an impact on a senior’s ability to prepare foods safely.
At the end of the paper provide your personal thoughts on how you would advise a senior to maintain a safe and sanitary food preparation and storage to avoid any adverse effects. You might have worked with seniors or family members and observed potential food safety or sanitary problems that you can address in your paper. I will be looking for your critical thinking when addressing this serious topic seniors face every day.
At the bottom of your page you need to provide your reference page, properly citing your sources used. Any signs of plagiarism will result in a zero for the assignment and potentially a zero for the class. There are links located in the course syllabus if you need help on how to properly cite the sources you used for your paper. Upon submission, your paper will be submitted to Turnitin.com…please make sure to adhere to all rules regarding plagiarism.
Grading Rubric for the Food Handling and Sanitation paper will be graded as follows:
Opinions, theories, and ideas are presented in a logical manner. Directions are thoroughly followed and assignment questions are addressed with correct answers.
maximum 10 points
Answers demonstrate principles of critical thinking and synthesis of ideas/theories from the textbook with a full understanding of subject matter.
maximum 8 points
Provide your own thoughts, experiences, opinions and ideas. Depth of response (Incorporating material beyond the textbook.) Citing all your sources. Use proper grammar, spelling, and follow directions for the assignment. Case Study submitted on time.
maximum 7 points
Total Possible
25 Points
*** Feedback for all papers will be posted.

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