For the first written assignment, choose a specific product or service that you

For the first written assignment, choose a specific product or service that you have
consumed recently. As examples, you might consider a food or beverage item you
purchased, an Uber ride you shared, the cell phone service you utilize, or the dry-
cleaning service you most recently used. Anything will work; just have a specific product
or service in mind. Please write responses to the following questions with respect to that
product or service.
(Your written assignment responses should be numbered so that they correspond with
the topics below. Use headings and subheadings as needed.)
1. In two or three sentences, describe the product or service you have chosen and
the situation in which you purchased or used it.
2. Consider the six P’s of marketing (i.e., product, price, place, promotion, people,
processes) with respect to this product or service. Please pick at least four (4) of
the P’s, then describe and evaluate how each applies to your product or service.
3. Think about the company that produced (or sold) the product or service chosen.
Research that company (which might include your own personal experiences,
online reviews, the company’s website, and so on) to determine the degree to
which the company practices the marketing concept. Discuss what you found,
including whether or not you believe that the company practices the marketing
concept. Please include a bibliography of information sources at the end of your
written assignment (you can use MLA or APA citations; just be consistent
throughout the assignment).
4. Consider the PSSP Hierarchy of Needs and discuss the basic needs that are
satisfied by the product or service chosen. (Hint: Remember that most products
and services satisfy needs at more than one level in the Hierarchy.)
5. Discuss your personal reaction to the product or service that you consumed and
whether your reaction, based on your expectations, was either satisfied or
dissatisfied after you purchased and consumed the product or service.
If you find yourself struggling to find things to write to fill three pages, you probably need
to think a little deeper about the questions. If you do this correctly, the bigger problem
will be limiting your responses to three pages!
IMPORTANT: Upload your paper to Canvas. You will be assessed -5 points for every
hour after the due date time that you submit late. Please remember that your project will
be graded for both content and writing quality.





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