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https://youtu.be/Rf-fIpB4D50 Assignment Response: (Provide complete and thorough

Assignment Response: (Provide complete and thorough responses to the following questions)
You have been chosen to develop a question for the 2024 Presidential Election. For the purposes of this assignment, let’s assume the election is between Joe Biden (Democrat) and Donald Trump (Republican). (Let’s avoid personal political opinions!) Write a question for the survey that demonstrates “survey bias.” (Be sure to view the video.) For example: “If Joe Biden was prosecuted for an illegal financial relationship with China, would you vote for him?” Or, “Despite Donald Trump’s recent charges for attempts to manipulate the last election, will you vote for him in 2024?
Explain why your question demonstrated bias.
Write an unbiased question regarding the election.
If surveyors only called during the day, how might the survey skew the results? Would the results favor the Democratic nominee, or the Republican nominee? Why?
Do you suppose survey organizations would use surveying techniques to skew the results? Why or why not?
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