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I have already chosen a topic for my article ( plant-based chicken nuggets ) and

I have already chosen a topic for my article ( plant-based chicken nuggets ) and I did the formatting too i just want you to fill in the intro and key points ( examples and quotes.), and provide health claims. important I don’t want a well-written article! i want a normal basic article un well written just normal academic writing.
instructions :
Topic. You will be writing an article about nutrition or fitness for a food magazine.
Target Audience. This article needs to cater to young adults. This demographic is short on time and money but values good-tasting, healthy food.
Do your research. Research this topic. Search the internet for ideas on how to make healthy eating affordable. Your article will be more than just a list of ideas though. You may find yourself presenting facts and making claims. You’ll need to present evidence to back up any claims you make.
Read sample articles. Take a look at Eating Well magazine to get a feel for formatting and style.
Select a minimum of two interview sources. You will interview at least two people who relate to this topic. These people need to relate to the story, either professionally or personally and must be from different backgrounds. For example, don’t interview two experts who are both dietitians.
Develop questions to ask your interview sources. Develop thoughtful open-ended questions to ask your sources. You can interview your them over the phone, zoom, or through emailing questions. However, please allow your sources plenty of time to conduct interviews or respond to your emails. Do not conduct interviews at the last minute. Let your source know your deadline.
Record your interview or take good notes. Write down key quotes from all of your interviews and organize them by sub-topic.
Determine your key points. Come up with 3-5 key messages to convey to your audience based on your research and the expert interviews. Limit your article to just a few key points with supporting examples and quotes.
Write the article. Put all your key quotes on a word document and begin writing around them, transitioning from one point to the next. You may want to save your intro and article title for last.
Provide support for any health or diet claims. Apart from your sources’ quotes, any positions or claims need to be supported with a credible source within your article. Did I say this already? It’s because I can’t stress it enough. Unsupported health or diet claims will negatively impact your grade.
Don’t write this: Switching out foods rich in saturated fats for healthier fats can decrease blood cholesterol levels.
Instead, provide support for your claim: According to the American Heart Association, switching out foods rich in saturated fats for healthier fats can decrease blood cholesterol levels.
Word count and readability. Aim for 500-800 words and avoid technical/scientific language or medical jargon. This article is for the lay person, and the task is to break down the message for all to understand. For example, use words like salt instead of sodium.
Make it pretty. Format the article so that it looks like you ripped it out of the magazine or printed it off of the website. You are encouraged to include royalty-free images, side bars, and recipes. Try pexel.com for royalty free images.
References. At the end provide references and links to any additional sources you used to back up your claims.
Supplementary Page
Include an additional page with the following information:
Clearly list out your 3-5 key points.
Provide article word count.
List the names of the two sources (minimum of two) that you interviewed, including their relevance to the story (job titles, students, etc.)
Write the three questions that were most useful in gaining more insight into the issue.

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