In addition to meeting with clients, a human services professional needs to be a

In addition to meeting with clients, a human services professional needs to be able to plan out a client’s treatment and articulate that plan to others. In this regard, it’s important to understand how case planning works, regardless of your role in the process. In this assignment, you will take information from a case study and make your own case plan to be presented to your “colleagues.”
Imagine you are presenting one of your cases to your colleagues during a team meeting. Review the Case of Chuck for information about your client.
Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that introduces your client to the team and presents your case plan. Using the case management strategies covered this week:
Identify and prioritize at least three referrals you would make for Chuck. Examine what needs the referrals address and describe how they address those needs.
Explain how the referrals will prevent recidivism.
Using client self-determination as a strategy, discuss how you would include Chuck in the referral process. Illustrate why client self-determination is important with examples or evidence
Include a title page. If you are using references, please include citations and reference page
**Speaker notes are required** And they are a big part of your grade so please take the time to learn how to include them if you don’t already know how.
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