In week 2 you selected a current issue field of Life-Span Development and submit

In week 2 you selected a current issue field of Life-Span Development and submitted your proposal for your research paper. Feedback was provided by your instructor, and recommendations were made. In week 3, you submitted your outline using the five-paragraph outline method.
This week you will submit the entire rough draft using APA format. This should be arranged in the five-paragraph essay format, as illustrated in the outline at the bottom of this page. You already submitted your outlines, so you will develop this further and submit the actual essay this week.
Second, you will follow APA format, which includes a title page, the body of the essay with in-text citations, and a reference page (no abstracts). Remember, you need a minimum of four (4) scholarly sources in your paper!
Submit an 800 word research analysis of your selected psychological issue. Describe the issue, connect your issue with significant concepts, distinctive features, and critical theories in psychology. Your research analysis paper must include the following:
Title page
Current research (at least 4 journal article/primary source submissions)
Reference page
Additionally, your paper must be in the following format using APA format:
APA format
Times New Roman 12-point font
1 inch margins
Double spaced
***I have attached the Research Proposal and the Outline to be used in this paper.****
Thank you!





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