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Instructions– Addresses most aspects of the initial discussion question(s) appl

Addresses most aspects of the initial discussion question(s) applying experiences, knowledge, and understanding of most of the modular concepts. Integrates evidence to support your discussion from assigned readings** or online lessons AND at least one outside scholarly source.*** Sources are credited.*
Important Guidelines and Reminders:
Throughout this course, as you prepare your response Discussion Post, always make sure you follow and apply these:
Use headings.
Be thorough.
Apply- critical thinking.
Need to be factual and thoughtful.
Be concise.
Use references.
Title: Addressing Privilege in Practice
Discussion Prompt#1
Structural theories place a strong emphasis on addressing issues of privilege and power in work with clients and work from the assumption that systemic and structural change is more likely when those with power and privilege are better aware of their privilege. What role do you feel that addressing issues of privilege plays in dismantling more structural and institutional forms of oppression?
Title: Externalizing Systemic Oppression and Marginalization
Discussion Prompt#2
This module addresses the importance of helping clients on the margins to recognize the impact of structural and institutional forms of oppression on their experiences. In what ways do feel that this emphasis on helping clients to recognize and externalize the impact of more structural forms of discrimination and marginalization is important in social work practice?
Title: Issues of Intersectionality
Discussion Prompt #3
Explain how issues of intersectionality can impact development across the life course.
How do you propose to address issues of intersectionality in practice with clients who are coming from a minority background and/or lower socioeconomic status?

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