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Instructions– Responds to instructor’s post furthering the dialogue by providi

Responds to instructor’s post furthering the dialogue by providing more information and seeking clarification, thereby adding significant depth to the discussion.
Remember, to have supporting scholarly sources/in-text citations and bolded sub-headings.
Use headings.
Be thorough.
Apply- critical thinking.
Need to be factual and thoughtful.
Be concise.
Use references.
Title: Intersectional Social Work Practice
Discussion Prompt #1
What Does Intersectional Social Work Practice Look Like to You? Do you anticipate any challenges or obstacles to engaging an approach to social work practice that is intersectional?
**Please reply to instructor feedback
Title: Power Dynamics
Discussion Prompt #2
This module explores the power dynamic between social workers and their clients. What does shared power between the social worker and the client look like for you?
**Please reply to instructor post
Question to Tracey and Class
Title: Application of Conceptual Framework to Development
Discussion Prompt #3
Is it possible for a white person to help an adolescent of color develop a positive racial identity? If yes, what factors must be in place to facilitate this? If no, why not?
**Please reply to instructor–

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