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Instructions This is an assignment designed to help you identify and express you

This is an assignment designed to help you identify and express your self concept. It is a creative project. You are to put together an essay which represents your self concept (how you see yourself).
The essay should be at least 3 pages in length if you want to cover the subject well enough. I don’t need any information in the essay about what self concept is (we will discuss that in class). Focus your essay on talking about YOU.
What Should Be Included
You want to talk mainly about how you see yourself today, but that may well include your past experiences and how you felt about yourself in the past. You may also talk about your future. I believe your self concept includes and is influenced by (in part) : family, friends, school, ethnicity/nationality, religious beliefs, gender identity and sexual orientation, likes and dislikes, political beliefs, hobbies, fears, failures, successes, experiences, desires, challenges, etc. What you do is part of who you are, but I also want you to share what you think and feel.
Total points: 30Breadth 10Depth 10Writing style 5Creativity and Uniqueness 5
Obviously, this is not a typical assignment. I will not be grading it harshly. I am grading you on only four things:
BreadthThis includes how many different aspects of yourself you cover. Don’t just cover two or three different aspects of yourself. Cover 8 or 10. I want you to share about your family and your major, but I also want you to share what you do for fun, what kind of music you like, etc.
DepthDepth includes how deeply you look inside yourself. You should share that you like going to the beach and hanging out with your friends, but you should also share more in depth information on a few topics. Talk about what you think and how you feel. Sharing difficult experiences or your deepest fears are good ways to get depth.
Writing StyleWriting style refers to grammar, spelling, etc. Since this isn’t a writing class, I am not assigning a lot of points to writing, but I do expect college level writing in this class. If you have only a couple of typos, you may still earn 5 points for writing. If you have several typos, spelling errors, or minor grammatical problems, you will earn 4 points. If you have errors with things like run on sentences or incomplete sentences, problems matching up singular and plural or past and present. you will earn 3 points. If I have trouble following your writing or figuring out what you mean, you will earn 2 points, etc.
Creativity and UniquenessI want to know when I grade this that you put in some effort and that you really thought about how you see yourself. I want to have a clear concept of a person when I look at your essay.

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