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Instructions Topic: How may Ethical Communication take place in an Intercultural

Topic: How may Ethical Communication take place in an Intercultural Business Setting utilizing Discourse Ethics by Jurgen Habermas?
Paper details: Write a Research Article on the above topic.
I need a 100% Ph.D. holder to make my article. It’s Ph.D. level! It is of vital importance! So, please pay attention and give it to the corresponding writer with experience, awareness, and knowledge.
Generally on MY Article!
1. Research Thoroughly.
2. Use Clear Language.
3. Structure Logically.
4. Most vitally, demonstrate and analyze philosophically! Give reasons – argumentation! = Philosophical depth is needed.
5. Check Credibility: Find sources with factual and up-to-date information to build credibility!
6. Make Connections Between Ideas!
7. Keep your paragraphs short and to the point.
8. Give substance to the article. One of the worst things on any news feed is an article that says nothing = So, be careful!
9. Show, then tell: Start by showing your point in action, then explain what it means and why it matters, etc.
10. Compose and support a strong article in cohesion, meaning and effectiveness.
Specific Guidelines on My Article:
1. The article must follow the in-text citation by APA method, such as (Kant 1997: 67) in English.
2. The article should have a title, abstract, Persian and English keywords (between 3 and 7 words),
Introduction, conclusion, and sources and should not exceed 8000 words.
3. The font of the English article should be New Roman Time 12.
4. Note that the article should not contain typographical, grammatical, or typographical errors.
5. All footnotes should be given at the end of the article as “Endnotes” and before the list of sources in order and in serial number.
6. Internet resources: surname and author name, date of access, “article title”, link of website name (or electronic journal-title with journal specifications), page / paragraph, web address.
7. All the final sources of the article should be arranged as follows:
=> Book:
Rorty, Richard (1979) philosophy and The Mirror of nature, New York: Princeton university Press.
=> Article:
Smith, Houston, (2000) “Kant on Marks and the Immediacy of Intuition.” The Philosophical Review, 109 (2): 235–66.
Instructions on the content of my article!
1. Use the whole theory of Discourse Ethics thoroughly (all the elements of the theory).
2. You can combine it with the theory of communicative action.
3. Do extensive philosophical analysis on Discourse Ethics, especially based on the intercultural communication in the business context.
4. Show philosophically how ethical communication in the intercultural business setting can stand/can be compatible with the Theory of Discourse Ethics.
5. Are there any reasons in Discourse Ethics that prevent ethical intercultural communication in business? Who are they? If there are – how can they be “defeated”? Suggest solutions or implementations/adds to Discourse Ethics on this specific topic.
6. Discourse Ethics can be applied in the intercultural business setting and to what extend?
7. Vital: Try to show, demonstrate and analyze that the theory of Discourse Ethics is culturally neutral – that is has no effect on cultures in business OR that is culturally friendly – that it helps people from different cultures to cooperate and cohabit in a positive and functional way.
8. Do not forget: Analyze everything philosophically!
9. There must be a complete alignment of the text!
General Instructions – So vital:
1. Attention to bibliographic references within the text and at the end in the bibliography – I mean in the way of writing and placement in the written text.
2. Use examples from in and out of business and explain them (e.g, employees, customers, shareholders, etc): Thus, it makes the text seem more alive.
3. The article is of philosophical content. So, philosophical analysis is essential and helps the effectiveness and power of the article!
4. The whole article MUST BE original and plagiarism free!
5. And clearly there should be flow and coherence in the written text without gaps and ambiguities!

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