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Log into the UNT Library System. Search “The Anonymous People”. UNT Library ha

Log into the UNT Library System.
Search “The Anonymous People”.
UNT Library has the documentary available online and by DVD.
View The Anonymous People.
Write a 4-paragraph review. Write at least 1-full paragraph for each:
In the first paragraph, review the film as if you were telling a friend what you learned from watching. Highlight the points you found most important.
In the second paragraph, discuss your opinion about people in recovery no longer remaining anonymous and sharing their experiences publicly. What are the pros and cons of taking such a risk?
For the third paragraph, brainstorm at least 2 places/ways a person in recovery could share about their recovery experience that might help decrease stigma. In addition to where a person could share their recovery experience, explain how they would do so. For example, a person in recovery may share their experience with co-workers at their place of employment.
The person could tell a colleague they trust about their experience away from the office during a lunch break.
When a co-worker talks about going through a tough time with a family member who has an addiction, the person in recovery might offer their person experience as encouragement.
In a similar scenario as the previous, the person in recovery might offer resources for counseling, a treatment center, or a mutual aid group to the person who has a family member with an active addiction.
In the fourth and final paragraph, discuss the benefits of sharing this documentary with a client and/or family member of a client in addiction treatment.
Format Requirements
1-full paragraph is a minimum of 5 well-thought-out sentences. Challenge yourself to go beyond the minimum.
Submissions will be graded based on depth of thought, length, knowledge of material, and writing ability. Writing quality should be that of a college senior. Consult the UNT Writing Center (Links to an external site.) to develop a collegiate quality submission, if needed.
Only Word document submissions will be graded.
Do not include a heading in the body of the text.
12-Point, Times New Roman font.
Double Spaced
Normal Margins
Avoid antiquated addiction language.
If you quote the documentary, please use APA citations.
Cover page is not required.





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