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Managing classroom procedures

After observing your cooperating teachers, you need to schedule time to interview them and capture their responses in writing (can be recorded first and then transcribed) to the following questions:


Interview Questions for the mentor teacher: 


· How did you decide on the established classroom routines, in general? Is there a particular theoretical framework that informed your approach? If so, explain. 


· During the lesson, what factors contributed to your decision to use different strategies/tools to encourage students to follow all classroom routines? 


· How did you use students’ behavior to inform your classroom routines to ensure little or no loss of instructional time?  


· How do you go about ensuring coherence in the instructional procedures provided by different adults in the classroom?  


· Based on your observation and interview notes, what insights have you gained regarding the importance of managing classroom procedures to influence your future instruction? What theoretical framework(s) best align with your insights to inform your future instruction? Provide concrete examples of insights (no more than three) along with an explanation of how the insights will inform your instruction. Include observation and interview your Notes. 

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Managing classroom procedures
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