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Module 02 Content One of the major tasks in case management is to obtain informa

Module 02 Content
One of the major tasks in case management is to obtain information and effectively document that information.
For this part of your portfolio, you will develop a hypothetical case scenario based upon your project topic and create an intake and assessment form. The hypothetical case scenario will be used throughout the entire course project.
Part 1: Develop
Develop a two (2) page hypothetical case scenario on an individual client or a family. The scenario should be in depth and include all the pertinent information that is necessary to complete an intake and assessment form.
Part 2: Research
Conduct some online research on intake and assessment forms that are used in human services. Intake and assessment forms should include all pertinent information about the client and may vary greatly based on the agency.
Part 3: Create
Using information gained from your online research, create a one (1) page intake and assessment form.
Combine your hypothetical case scenario and intake and assessment form into a single Word document.
Use professional language including complete sentences and proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation throughout your paper. Be sure to cite any research sources in APA format. If you need assistance with APA format, refer to this Library and Learning Services APA Guide.





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