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Module 02: Introduction In this module, you are introduced to the two primary co

Module 02: Introduction
In this module, you are introduced to the two primary costing systems that organizations use to trace and allocate costs to various jobs and departments. Choosing the proper costing system is a top management decision that can have a significant financial impact on any company. Costing systems offer a granular view of how much money is being spent by an organization as it produces goods and services.Learning OutcomesDifferentiate the two primary types of product costing systems that firms employ.
Explain a job order costing system and identify when its use is most beneficial.
Solve overhead cost and product cost problems.
ReadingsRequired: Chapter 2 JOB ORDER COSTING in Managerial Accounting
Visedsun, N. Terdpaopong, K. (2021). The effects of the strategy and goal on business performance as mediated by management accounting systems. Economies, 9(4), 149-149.
Recommended: Module 02 PowerPoint Presentation
Armitage, H. Lane, D., & Webb, A. (2020). Budget development and use in small- and medium-sized enterprises: A field investigation. Accounting perspectives. 19(3), 205-240.
Module 02 Discussion
Module 02 DiscussionJob Costing ExamplesConsider a service or manufacturing business that could or should use job order costing systems. How would it be used and what benefits could it provide to the organization? Which account is used in the job order cost system to accumulate production costs for individual jobs? Please be specific in your discussion.Directions:Discuss the concepts, principles, and theories from your textbook. Cite your textbooks and cite any other sources if appropriate.
Your initial post should address all components of the question with a 500 word limit.
Reply to at least two discussion posts with comments that further and advance the discussion topic.

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