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One of the tools you will use in project management is Microsoft® Project. As a

One of the tools you will use in project management is Microsoft® Project. As a CISO, you may not be the person who actively creates the project in Microsoft® Project, but you will need to be aware of what this tool is used for in planning projects with regard to time, resources, and budget constraints.
Read the following scenario:
The CISO manages a portfolio for a company that operates in the emergency response sector. One of the projects in the portfolio is the establishment of an emergency response center starting from a single cold site so as to eventually establish a 30-station network.
Using the Gantt chart view in Microsoft® Project, create a task list/work breakdown structure. Create one task “Stand up Cold Site.” All other tasks are subtasks under this one. Using Project—Project Information, input the Start date as today’s date for the Project (do not input any other dates for any tasks). Under this task, create subtasks with logical dependencies for the following:
Obtain physical site
Coordinate installation of power, communications, and temperature control
Install office furniture
Install computer hardware
Configure software
Restore data
Assign employees to the site
Add resources to subtasks as follows:
Do NOT enter durations, estimated times, constraints, due dates, etc.
Input only human resources. Use made-up personnel names and use names of departments or groups where it is reasonable (e.g., information system group, power installation group, system software installation group, security group, etc.).
Assign them to tasks.
Be sure to assign people to all tasks.
Do not worry about people who are over-assigned.
Do not assign percent of units, costs, hourly wages, etc.

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