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Part1 1.Select a particular invention or computer referenced in the 4-part Compu

1.Select a particular invention or computer referenced in the 4-part Computer History videos posted in the pages section and describe in one paragraph what important role it plays in the history of computing and operating systems.
Read the following article about Locality. When you are finished, answer the following questions.
2. How is the principle of locality formally defined by Denning?
3. What are the three types of “distance” as associated with the locality principle?
4. What is the significance of locality and its applicability across memory hierarchies? Provide examples of how it has been applied in operating systems or networks.
Part 2
Read the following articles regarding chip investments and the global concern about manufacturing them:
the PDF file down, goes here
Links to an external site.
Links to an external site.
Write a paragraph summarizing your thoughts and concerns about the current state of global chip production.
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