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Please use this form?to complete the research proposal.


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 Please use this form  to complete the research proposal. To edit the form, make a copy, and  then input your responses. Please put your responses after the  questions. Do not request editing access; follow the instructions included here. Please make sure to fill in the MLA header information. Be sure to answer each question before submitting. 

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Research Proposal 

Proposed topic: insert selected topic here (please be as specific as possible and remember that this should be something that you are comfortable creating a video that will last at least six minutes). 

Summary: provide a summary of what you plan to cover here in two to three sentences. You can also share some of the important aspects regarding the topic. 

Background and significance: provide background on the subject here. Why did you select the topic? What do you hope to learn and gain from researching it? Why is it important to you? (this should be at least nine sentences long)

Examination: is this topic sufficient to create your video? Provide proof in a three to four sentence response. 

Minimum Research requirement: for this proposal to move towards being approved, you will need to provide at least two references here in MLA format. At least one of the sources should be found through the university’s library system. 

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