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Post the summary of one recent news article, video, podcast, or other online med

Post the summary of one recent news article, video, podcast, or other online media relevant to religion. Each summary should include a link to the article or resource. When selecting your article or resource, please consider the source and use good judgment. Also, in terms of news articles, please make sure the article is recent (within the last several weeks).
Editorials are fine as well. In cases of other media or resources not reporting on recent news, the source does not have to be as recent, only relevant and interesting enough to serve as the topic of your summary. Some questions to consider: Is the source (and therefore the information) reputable? Will the article or resource provide you with enough information to write an appropriate summary? Have you had enough variety in your topics, sources, etc.? If summarizing an article, is the article recent? There are a variety of ways to approach your summaries, which may be determined in part by the article or resource.
Your summary should also include some level of personal or critical engagement with/reflection on the source. Your summary may do each or only some of the following things: provide several main points in the article, including the position of the author if presented or implied; identify and discuss questions or issues that come to mind as you review the material; articulate what you take to be significant or interesting about the piece; draw connections to something we have discussed in class, etc. If each of your summaries takes the same form, these assignments will, I imagine, grow incredibly tedious for you. This is certainly not the goal of the assignment.
Write in no more than 250 but longer than at least 200 words.
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