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Prewriting: Comparison and Contrast

For this graded assignment, you’ll choose one of the suggested topics and write an outline to plan and develop your information before you begin to draft your essay. If you do research or incorporate information that’s not considered common knowledge into your prewriting, you must cite it according to APA Format



For this graded assignment, you’ll do the following:


Use prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing to write formal, college-level essays

Distinguish between different patterns of development

Apply an appropriate pattern of development to a specific purpose and audience

Develop paragraphs using topic sentences, adequate detail, supporting evidence, and transitions

Apply the conventions of standard written American English to produce correct, well-written essays

Tip for Success: Be sure to check out the resources available to you in the Learning Resource Center for videos and worksheets to help you complete this assignment.



Choose one of the following topics:


Compare and contrast two villains of favorite TV shows and/or movies.

Compare and contrast two protagonists of favorite TV shows and/or movies.

Compare and contrast a video game and its corresponding movie/TV show.

Compare and contrast online shopping and shopping at a physical location.

Prewriting Tasks

Be sure to complete the following tasks in your prewriting:


State the subject you’ve chosen in a complete sentence.

Provide one or two sentences of background information; this will go in your introduction when you write your essay.

Create a thesis statement. Remember, your thesis statement must make an argument about your topic and name the key points of contrast in the order you will discuss them.

Use the “Point-by-Point” organizer shown in the example below to demonstrate how you will logically organize your essay. Include your subject, thesis statement, supporting elements, and conclusion.

Compare and Contrast Example

Topic: Pets


Title: The Best Pet for Introverts Who Live Alone


Background Statement: Even though introverts prefer their own company to those of other humans, they may find an animal companion can provide the companionship they are looking for.


Thesis Statement: Dogs make better pets than cats for solo-living introverts because they provide emotional support, exercise, and security.


Point 1: Emotional Support


Dogs run to greet their owners with tail wags and cuddles as soon as their humans come home.

Cats may brush against their human’s legs, if a greeting is given at all.

Dogs often will stay glued to their human’s side or not be far away.

Cats are known for being aloof, and might happily spend their time atop a bookcase or in another room entirely. 

Point 2: Exercise


Dogs require regular walks to go outside, ensuring that an introvert must leave their house and see the world outside.

Cats use litterboxes, which take only a few minutes to clean and can leave a foul odor in the home.

Dogs require playtime with their human. The playtime often involves running or other physical activity.

Cats may not like to play, but if they do, it often involves sitting on the couch and using a laser pointer or waving a string with a toy attached.

Point 3: Security


Dogs bark to let their owners know of intruders or other dangers.

Cats may meow to let their human know their food or water dish is empty, but might largely ignore an intruder.

Dogs can provide warm comfort being at their human’s side when they’re uneasy or maybe watched a few too many scary movies.

Cats might well be off doing their own cat things.

Conclusion: When it comes to being a best friend, a dog is unmatched. They provide companionship and cuddles, as well as safety and physical activity.

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Prewriting: Comparison and Contrast
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