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Read Chapter 9 in Crabb. Read Chapter 4 Clinton, Hart, & Ohlschlager Find a prof

Read Chapter 9 in Crabb.
Read Chapter 4 Clinton, Hart, & Ohlschlager
Find a professional in the field of counseling to interview. Preferably, this person would be a counselor who is a Christian, meaning someone who integrates both psychology and theology. However, if you are unable to find a professional Christian counselor, a church leader who is experienced in the role of counselor would be appropriate. The purpose of the interview is to get a very practical, real life look at what the counseling process looks like, how this person approaches this process, and what he or she has found to be helpful and necessary in the process.
Here are some sample questions to ask:
What is your personal approach (model) to counseling?
What do you believe encourages change?
Where do you place focus in the process of alleviating the problem situation?
What are your views on Christian Counseling and how do you incorporate theology into the counseling process?
What has been your greatest challenge?
Write a 2 to 3-page summary discussing what you learned from the interview. Ensure the following points are addressed:
How the real-life experience of the counselor connects with Crabb’s approach and the topics studied in this course.
What surprised you about this interview and what insight this interview provided.
What the Clinton, Hart, and Ohlschlager text has to say about the goal and process of counseling.
Provide at least two academic resources.





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