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Read the below case and then write up the answers in a one to two page APA forma

Read the below case and then write up the answers in a one to two page APA format document. All responses must be written in paragraph format, this includes a “Title” and “Reference” page. Please cite your references inside your paper as well as on the “Reference” page. Do not write out the questions or number them. Write the responses as an essay. Graphs and charts belong in a section called “Appendix”, not inside the actual paper. The “Appendix” section appears after the “Reference” page. All paragraphs must consist of 5 to 7 sentences, please refer to the sample APA paper located inside the APA Resource Folder. Include headings and subheadings in your paper. Page numbers are to be inserted on the top right hand corner of the page.
The Four-Fifths rule is a way of measuring adverse impact in selection processes of organizations. It works like this: assume your organization requires a cognitive test for employment. You set a test score of 70 as the required pass rate for the candidate to be considered for an interview. Based on our numbers, if 50 percent of men passed this test with a score of 70, then four-fifths or 40 percent of women should also be able to pass the test. You might calculate it like this:
Gender Adverse Impact TableGenderTotal who scored 70 or aboveTotal who took the testPercent
Male526283.8 or 84% passed
Female365862.07 or 62%
If you divide the total of who scored above 70 by the total number who took the test, it shows the percentage of 84 percent passed the test. If you divide the number of women who passed by the total number of women who took the test, you come up with 62 percent. Then divide 62 percent by 84 percent (62/84 = 73.8%). The resulting 74 percent means that it is below the 80 percent or the four-fifths rule, and this test could be considered to have disparate impact
52/62 = 84% of men who took the test passed the test
36/58 = 62% of women who took the test passed the test
62/84 = 73.8%, less than 80%, which could show disparate impact
This is only an indicator as to how the selection process works for the organization, and other factors, such as sample size, can impact the reliability of this test. Using the tables below, please calculate possible disparate impact and then answer the questions that follow.
Disparate TableNational OriginPassing Test ScoreTotal Number Taking the TestPercent
Minority groups4862
Gender Passing Score TableAgePassing Test ScoreTotal Number Taking the TestPercent
People under 402852
People over 402361
Discussion QuestionsGenderPassing Test ScoreTotal Number Taking the TestPercent
Please calculate the above numbers using the four-fifths rule. Based on your calculation:Which group or groups might be affected negatively by this test?
What would be your considerations before changing any selection tools based on this data?
How might you change your selection process to ensure disparate impact isn’t occurring at your organization?
Learning Outcome # 3
This assignment is correlated to Learning Outcome # 3
3. Examine employee development and performance.





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