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Reflect critically on your own professional practice and learning. 2.     Critically appraise the role of professional standards or competencies informing professional practice and ongoing professional development


Evidenced-based professional practice development.

          Assessment type;              Essay

 Word limit/length;

            2000 Words Total (including all citations and references)

Please make sure to convert all the figures/tables into images (if there is any) and      locate them in the appendix

Learning outcomes

This assignment task is aligned to the following learning outcome: 

1.     Reflect critically on your own professional practice and learning.

2.     Critically appraise the role of professional standards or competencies informing professional practice and ongoing professional development

Assignment overview

This assignment focuses on the selection of reflective writing pieces relating to what constitutes ‘quality evidence’ aligned with your standards or competencies of professional practice

Assignment details and structure

1.     Assignment title

2.     Reflection on achievements – Identify and reflect on your professional strengths, competencies, and achievements (a minimum of three linked to quality evidence). ~ 500 words.  REFLECTION ON PAST/PRESENT

3.     Locate the gaps in professional practice – Identify a minimum of three gaps in your professional practice that you require improvement linked to professional standards and competencies. ~500 words.


4.     Provide a critical argument of improving the identified gaps – With regard to each gap identified, reflect on your professional practice, learning, identity, and achievements to provide a clear justification as to where and why you need to develop further as a professional. Integrate relevant peer-reviewed literature to support your reflection. ~500 words


5.     Develop a roadmap or strategic plan for your continuing professional development – In this section provide your roadmap/plan of what you want to be in future in a succinct way. You may include your vision (what you want to become), your mission (who you are, and what you value), and specific goals/objectives related to addressing your identified limitations and progressing towards your vision. ~ 300 words.







For Student who have not gain or lack enough professional working experience in Counselling/ Community Mental Health I will suggest as follow:

As you lack this experience, I would switch the focus to what you want to achieve in the near, midterm and long term future. In other words, what is the position you are admiring within Counselling/Community Mental Health practice/sector.

 in what areas do you want to build capacity in and how will this help you in reaching the position,

How could the Master in Mental Health help you in that endeavour?

So put the focus fore-mostly on what you want to achieve, rather than what you have already achieved



6.     References (minimum of 10, preferably peer-reviewed sources from the last 5-10 years)


Please consider the below information or any other relevant information from the literature to guide your assignment. Any figures can be incorporated as an IMAGE (i.e. jpg.file) in the appendix of your assignment (so these won’t add to your word count):

–        Table 1: Align professional standards or competencies against role, professional activities, and audit of evidence (P5 – 8)

–        Figures related to motivation and elements for personal and professional development (value, vision, mission, goals, tactics) (P5-8)

–        Continuing Professional Development activities (P5-8)

The above tables/frameworks are only some suggestions. Please feel free to use any other relevant framework that works the best for your personal and professional development. Quality evidence can also include detailed reflection and feedback based on practice/ performance/ patient cases.

There can be a strong link between our personal and professional vision/mission/values/goals, so, it is OK if you (inter)connect and discuss them in an integrated manner. Please refer to the  library guide on Reflective Writing style in completing your REFLECTION


Turnitin settings, checking similarities and word counts – All students are expected to check the similarity (originality) of assignments in the Avoiding Plagiarism





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