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REFLECTIVE JOURNAL Telecommunications and Networking content the learning of Com

Telecommunications and Networking content the learning of Computer Network, Network Fundamentals, The Internet and the World Wide Web and different types of Network that is useful in Discovery, Communication, and Educational. The main concept I learned that Addition to networks helps to us for explore everything in every field in convenient way and also mandatory for our personal lives also Networks are vital tools for modern businesses. A computer network is a mediator that connects computers or other devises for communicate and other important works which helps to get information rapidly. According to my understanding, a group of computers which are connected to each other for the purpose of sharing their resources can called computer network. Today’s society quickly moving towards to wireless technologies, wireless technologies has ability to communicate anytime and anywhere which is very speedy customer need or service. The most useful advantages to users is this devices are small enough to carry easily and they are potential to perform every kind of tasks, modern smartphones. Another study is about GPS ( Global Positioning Systems) is a wireless system that uses satellites for discover users place or position anywhere on earth. GPS is use for navigating, mapping, and surveying. I know what is GPS but after this studies I can explore on how it really works and also how it can helps in real life. Last topic of this modules is social computing, it is a type of IT that combines social behavior and information systems to create value. As I know social computing is the use of computers for social purposes, it refers to any digital device, application that facilitates social interaction between users that can helps the organizations sharing the knowledge among the different users. One of the example is Starbucks Corporation is an American multinational chain of coffeehouses and roaster reserves, Starbucks played smart how to trigger its social-media audience and wasted no time in implementing their strategy.
Electronic commerce (E-commerce) is the process of buying, selling, and transactions services, it refers to performing online commercial transactions and activities over the internet and E-business refers to performing every type of business activity through the internet.after this field of knowledge i think that E-commerce is appropriate in a business to Customer context and E-business is appropriate in a Business to Business context. Next topic is Mobile Commerce and Social Commerce, it refers to a real-time connection between a mobile devices and other computing environments contribution to assist online busying and selling products and services.Most beneficial for today is Video commerce, which includes one to many interactions by Brands or influencers via live streams and recorded videos which can helps for business as well as customer’s need. In 2018 there are 23.7 billion users using social commerce market, now it has increased to 30.5 billion, so future of social commerce will always going to increase and helps to organization and users.
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