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SIM432PE Population Health Activity 9

Community Level Interventions


The windshield survey summary will require you to apply what you have learned through your basic windshield survey of Sentinel City® to a target population of your choosing. You will complete your project by comparing data from Sentinel City® with similar data from the city where your target population lives.


Your presentation will include 9 parts, which are described in detail below and include details in the speaker notes. Download the PowerPoint Template for use with your Final Project. You must use this template for your final project.


I. Introduction


Choose a target population group in your community. Provide a brief introduction that identifies the demographics for the city where your target population lives.


II. Description of Your Target Population


Compose a detailed description of your chosen target population. In this section, you will describe the demographic characteristics of your chosen target population, including the population’s socioeconomic status, vital statistics, education level, religion, and occupations. Include a table, graph, and/or figure display that includes relevant demographic data for your target population.


III. Comparison of Sentinel City Demographic Data


Compare the demographic data of Sentinel City® with the demographic data from the city where your target population is located. You should present this information in a clear to understand table. You can use the Data Comparison Table provided here. It is also available in the Sentinel City simulation.


IV. Key Health Concerns or Issues


Present a list of the top 3 health concerns for your target population. Provide a brief description of these concerns and include data from your target population city that supports the rationale for selecting these health concerns. Select one of the 3 health concerns you identified and state why you decided to develop an intervention that addresses this particular health concern. Include the Healthy People 2030 objective that relates to your identified health concern.


V. Community Health Nursing Diagnosis


Develop a community health nursing diagnosis based on your analysis of the demographic and health status data that you gathered for your target population.


Your community health nursing diagnosis should be written using the following format:


Increased risk of (disability, disease, etc.) among (community or population) related to (disability, disease, etc.) as demonstrated in or by (health status indicator, or etiological/causal statement).




Increased risk of obesity among school age children related to lack of safe outdoor play areas for children as demonstrated by above average BMI rates.


Increased risk of depression among persons with a physical disability related to the lack of handicap accessible facilities and social isolation as demonstrated by high suicide rate


VI. A & B. Intervention to Address the Diagnosis


Describe your proposed intervention that will address the community health nursing diagnosis for your target population. You may choose to develop your own intervention or modify one that was recommended by the Task Force on Community Preventive Services (TFCPS).


To view recommended interventions, visit the TFCPS website at About the Community Preventive Services Task Force and select the topic you plan on addressing for your intervention. (Note: at the bottom of most topic pages on the TFCPS website there is a sample on how to cite the webpage. After reviewing the topics, click the “Resources” tab then click “Fact Sheets”. Here you may find fact sheets to share with your mentor at your practice learning site.)


Whether you modify an existing intervention or develop one of your own, you must discuss why this intervention will work for your target population or why you needed to modify it to make it work for your target population. Include advantages, population fit, and barriers in use of the intervention. You should include the long-term goal, two short-term measurable objectives, and the required resources such as: time, equipment, finances, etc. related to this intervention [Note: you are not required to carry out your intervention]


VII. Evaluation Plan


Describe your method for evaluating the objectives of your intervention (for example, pre/post-test, survey, questionnaire, phone interview). Include one long term goal and two short-term measurable objectives.


Example of goals and measurable objectives:


Goal – To increase my potential for promotion at my place of employment


Objective – Complete all undergraduate nursing courses with a B+ or higher


Objective – Complete the American Sentinel University BSN program before 2020


Goal – To learn about public health nursing


Objective – Describe community health levels of prevention


Objective – List the 8 subsystems of a community


VIII. Summary of Sentinel City®


Summarize the assets (strengths) in Sentinel City® pertaining to each of the 8 community subsystems. The eight subsystems include: 1) physical environment, 2) safety and transportation, 3) health and social services, 4) education, 5) recreation, 6) politics and government, 7) communication, and 8) economics.


Include your recommendations for improving/strengthening specific subsystems in Sentinel City®. Discuss other recommended changes or additions needed to improve the health of people living in Sentinel City®.


IX. Reference List


Include a minimum of 6 references that were used as you developed your plan. The reference list should include relevant websites from state or federal sources and from peer reviewed professional journals. Journal articles do not have to be limited to nursing journals. No more than 50% of references should be from websites.


For the purpose of this assessment cite the Sentinel City® demographic data as follows:


Sentinel U. (2021). Sentinel City® Community Health Simulation Demographics. http://sentinelworld.healthcarelearninginnovations.com/


Reading and Resources


DeMarco & Healey-Walsh (2020) Read Chapters 9 & 10


Visit the Task Force on Community Preventive Services (TFCPS). The Community Guide.


Additional Instructions


Listen to the Final Project Instructions:


Play Video


All submissions should have a title page and reference page.


Utilize a minimum of two scholarly resources.


Adhere to grammar, spelling and punctuation criteria.


Adhere to APA compliance guidelines.


Adhere to the chosen Submission Option for Delivery of Activity guidelines.


Submission Options for Delivery of Activity


*Choose one option




Microsoft Power Point Presentation


14 to 20 slides. Add title and reference slides. Must include Speaker Notes


Other media (Prezi, etc.) presentation


14 to 20 slides with speaker notes. Add title and reference slides.




Table with appropriate columns and headers. Include title and reference pages.


Graphs or other illustrations


Graphs or illustrations with appropriate labels. Include title and reference pages.




Poster Presentation utilizing poster template. Include visual graphics/images/other formats for visual appeal. Include references. Poster should have appropriate title.


*Note: Title and reference pages/slides do not count towards the count requirements.

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