So, here’s an example / a scenario: Suppose I choose a ten-page scholarly, peer-

So, here’s an example / a scenario:
Suppose I choose a ten-page scholarly, peer-reviewed article on women and strategies for saving money in ascholarly, peer-reviewed business-related journal. In completing my Discipline Project, I decide to recreate the article so that it resembles an article in Seventeen Magazine. I loved this magazine as a teenager. My favorite is the cover with a teenage Whitney Houston (before she was famous) on the cover. I am a huge Whitney Houston fan, and my small collection of Seventeen Magazines is probably somewhere in my parent’s attic in Tennessee.
In transforming this scholarly, peer-reviewed article into an article that might appear in Seventeen magazine, I would have to change pretty much every aspect of the article: structure, language, title, fonts, etc. I would need to add pictures, color, and columns. My audience would be completely different, and my purpose would probably be different as well.
Remember, there are two parts to this assignment: The actual document and an explanation of or justification for the changes you make.
Again, see the sample student Discipline Projects below. They are not perfect, but they will give you an idea of the project’s aesthetic and format.
In the justification section of the project (part two), you must explain in detail WHAT changes you made in each area (Audience, Purpose, Use of Sources, Structure, Use of Rhetorical Appeals, Design, Language, etc.) and WHY you made them.
An incomplete draft, one not consisting of both parts completed, will not earn full credit for participation. So, be sure to complete the project before you submit it as a draft.
If your Discipline Project looks similar to a stiff, black and white, scholarly, peer-reviewed article, you’re off track. Keep working on it.
Also, try to have fun with this creative assignment.
I am attaching the scholarly article that you need to use and there are other material I’ll attach to help you. The scholarly article you’re going to transform is called “Vegetarianism and Eating-Disordered Thinking.”





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