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SOAP Notes Explained: A simple Guide to Perfect Writing


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A SOAP note is a structured format for documenting progress notes in behavioral health. It stands for Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan. Here?s how to write an effective SOAP note:
Subjective (S):
Document what the client tells you about their feelings, perceptions, and symptoms.
Focus on information relevant to their diagnosis.
Consider including direct quotes from the client to demonstrate the uniqueness of the session1.
Objective (O):
Include the therapist?s observations based on measurable, observable data.
Describe what you see during the session, such as the client?s behavior, appearance, and emotional state1.
Assessment (A):
Summarize your professional assessment of the client?s condition.
Analyze the information from the subjective and objective sections.
Identify any changes or trends in their mental health status.
Plan (P):
Outline the treatment plan or next steps.
Specify interventions, referrals, or follow-up actions.
Consider the client?s goals and collaborate with them on the plan1.

Remember these tips:
? Be concise and specific.
? Use clear language without medical jargon.
? Write in the past tense.
? Avoid over-charting and general statements

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