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Take a few moments to read: “Native American Stand Up Comedy Epideictic Strategi

Take a few moments to read: “Native American Stand Up Comedy Epideictic Strategies in the Contact Zone” by Amanda Lynch Morris
Watch Goin’ Native the American Indian Comedy SlamLinks to an external site. Then, go through the playlist to see which comedians you enjoy the most here: Native American Comedy Slam Playlist (7 comedians)Links to an external site.
Respond to the following in 500+ words: (7 Points)
How do the American Indian scholars (Morris) and stand-up comedians characterize Native American humor and the genre of stand-up comedy?
Morris includes comments by American Indian comedians on the difference between performing for Native versus non-Native audiences. What role do you believe an audience’s identity plays in responding to the humor of a minority comedian? Do you feel as if you, a student of writing, fail to grasp the entirety of a comedian’s jokes whose identity you do not share?
Thinking about the Native American Comedy Slam Playlist, pick one comedian and identify how they get laughs using epideictic rhetorical strategies. What other comedic rhetorical strategies do they employ? Using Kenneth Burke’s dramatist pentad, chart this comedian’s performance.
Respond to two of your peer’s posts (100+ words each.) (3 Points)

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