Test one of the effects cited given in the attached picture of E-Investments. (6

Test one of the effects cited given in the attached picture of E-Investments. (60 credit points)
1. Choose 25 firms. (8 points)
Choose 25 public firms (25 stocks actually).
Indicate the webpages and tools you have used for this exercise.
The webpage mentioned in the E-text is https://finance.yahoo.com/
Other financial institutions offer similar data. You are encouraged to explore and share other source of information and tools.
Please tell how you end up choosing these 25 firms.
Pure randomly selected, or 25 firms you have invested, hot or unknown stocks, stocks in the same index, or firms in the same industry or same country/region? For example, https://www.njcu.edu/academics/schools-colleges/school-business/njcu-new-jersey-50-index
2. Select one criterion from I to V and collect data for the 25 firms. (18’)
Indicate clearly what criterion you have selected and what anomaly with it.
Briefly explain what data you have collected and why.
Put the related data/variables in a table.
Use your judgement to decide what data is relevant and necessary to test the market anomaly.
3. Rank the firms based on the criterion selected and divide the firms into five groups based on their ranking. Calculate the relevant average rate of return for each group of firms to prepare for the test of the anomaly. (8′)
4. Test the anomaly related to this criterion. (18)
Clearly explain how you would test the anomaly.
Run the test and show the results in table and/or graphs.
What is your finding/conclusion? Do you confirm or reject the anomaly?
You may discuss with your colleagues on how to conduct this test. However, you must have your own criterion and your list of 25 firms.
You are encouraged to use other methods to test and re-test.





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