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The issue I chose is food insecurity select your TOP 2 federal bills that you w

The issue I chose is food insecurity
select your TOP 2 federal bills that you would like to advocate for in Congress.
For each of your TWO bills write a summary that includes these sections. NO MORE THAN 3 PAGES EACH
1. Overview
2. The Problem
3. Possible Solutions to the Problem – You can use bullet points of specific solutions you are proposing related to the bills you are covering. Make sure to somewhat align your solutions to the bills!
4. Bill Summary – Provide more details about the bill including the title (make sure to use HR or S to distinguish what house it was started in). Here you explain exactly what the bill will do. Include the changes it will make, the cost or where they plan to pay for it. You will also provide a paragraph on what the opposition says about this bill and negative impact it will have.
5. Supporters – Create a list of the organizations, leaders, elected officials that support the bills
6. Opponents/Opposition – Create a list of those that oppose the bill
Based on the research you conducted for your Issue Brief assignment, look up at least two FEDERAL (2) bills related to your the specific issue you wrote about. You can conduct research using the following online resources:
1. https://www.congress.gov/help/find-bills-by-subject
2. https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/subjects/health/6130
3. Google “Legislative Priorities” for your specific issue/topic or for an organization. See two examples:
If you know the name of an organization that does advocacy/education related to your issue then go to their website and look for “legislative priorities”. This info could be on their Advocacy page. Make sure that they highlight FEDERAL legislation/bills.
If you want to find all the organizations that do this work you can simply google “gun violence organizations” or whatever issue you want to enter (see example below)
You can also check out general healthcare and public health organizations like the American Public Health Association or American Medical Association, etc.

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