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This paper has to do about GUESS company.


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This paper has to do about GUESS company.


The length of the report should be less than 2500 words (excluding Appendices). It is about 10 pages.


Things you need to keep in mind as you prepare your report:

• Assume the reader (your top management client) is at least as familiar as you are with the company

(therefore, don’t waste time describing details without adding value).

• Avoid the common trap of exhausting yourself with too much analysis and consequently short-

changing your conclusions and recommendations. Instead, keep in mind the whole report and balance

your effort among the sections.

• Use quantitative data. Support your analyses with numbers whenever possible. For example, if you

believe that the Virm has a competitive advantage, include in your analyses at least some of the

following: the Virm’s net margins, ROI, ROA, ROIC over the last several years. Compare such ratios and

measures to the ratios and measures of the Virm’s competitors.

• Distinguish among facts, opinions, and assumptions.

• Check your work for completeness (are all issues identiVied and addressed?), justiVication (do you

support with evidence what you claim?), logical Vlow (is it clear how you moved from analysis to

critical issues to alternatives to recommendations?).

• Organization is important. As you write and edit, think of the reader; make your report easy for the

reader to follow and understand. Check spelling and grammar. Carefully edit and proofread your


• Use lists, tables, and Vigures to summarize information and to communicate effectively.

• Write your term paper as if it is a business report. Don’t turn in anything you would not be willing to

deliver to the president of your most important client company.


Term Paper

Students will apply the frameworks, theories, and models that we discussed in class to a publicly traded

business Virm. The outcome of this paper should be a better understanding of the industry/Virm in

particular and the ability to understand broad issues relevant to strategic management in general. Please

follow the guidelines at the end of this document. Writing a short report is many times more difVicult than

writing a long one. Choose your words wisely. The following is a non-exhaustive list of resources you can

use: CSUN library (Mergent Online, ABI Inform, Lexis/Nexis), https://fred.stlouisfed.org/, Wall Street

Journal, Financial Times, Bloomberg, Economist, Barron’s, Fortune, Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance, Trade

magazines, etc.

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