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this project will need to be created in a remote server to create the following

this project will need to be created in a remote server to create the following ” example program is attached ” please i will need the program to be run in the server and to deliver the following in addition to what to be turn-in?
1. Implement a simple inter-process communication protocol that exchanges two control packets, Hello and Hello_Ack. Refer to the example code shown in lecture note #5 Suppose there are five nodes in a network, where each node is fully connected with others. Each node generates a Hello packet periodically by following inter-arrival time, i.e., exponential
A sender node (in short, sender) transmits a Hello packet to a randomly chosen receiver node (in short, receiver). Upon receiving, the receiver replies to a Hello_Ack packet. If the sender receives the Hello_Ack packet, then the transmission is successful. Suppose it takes 0.2 seconds to transmit a packet over the network. A local processing delay before replying Hello_Ack is 0.1 second
A packet can be lost during the transmission because of an unreliable link quality. Suppose a set of packet loss probabilities is 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, and 0.5. If the sender does not receive the Hello_Ack packet within a timeout period (2 seconds), it retransmits a Hello packet. If the sender still does not receive the Hello_Ack packet, then the transmission is failed.
Dump a snapshot of events (i.e., a packet loss probability is 0.3). Only one-page would be enough. For example,…
node.0 sends a Hello to node.3 at 100.2 seconds.
node.2 replies a Hello_Ack to node.1 at 100.5 seconds …
node.4 sends a Hello to node.3 at 110.5 seconds
node.1 receives a Hello_Ack from node.2 at 110.6 seconds node.4 re-sends a Hello to node.3 at 112.5 seconds

The simulation ends when the simulation time reaches 1000 seconds.
Draw two result graphs in terms of following performance metrics against the packet lossprobabilities (0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, or 0.5).Average number of successful transmissions Average number of failed transmissions2. Type the project number and your name (Last, First) at the top in your source code.
/* Project #2; Bond, James */ ( example of the name of the project you creat )
What you turn-in?
• Source code(s)o Your source code name should be “project number” + “last name” + “first name”, e.g., “pro2_bond_james.c”.
• Report (e.g., MS word file) including,
Instruction how to run your program.
o Two result graphs
explanation how to upload and run the program on my server

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