This week, let’s apply what we are learning about communication using visual dat

This week, let’s apply what we are learning about communication using visual data. The advantage of using visual data is that pictures are powerful. But, it’s important that the interpretation you want your user/customer/reader to reach needs to be laid out in effective messaging. For business, it is not sufficient to leave the interpretation open to the user/reader. In business you should lead your reader to your conclusion, not let them formulate their own.
For this discussion, you should go to one of the following sources for a screenshot of visual data:
A political campaign that is using statistical data in graphic format (a graph or chart or scatterplot)
A COVID-19 website by a state, county or the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
A financial website that is displaying financial data such as stock price in graphic format
Any other business related web site that uses graphical data display
Take a screen shot and start your post with the following:
The link and website name where you took your shot from.
The purpose of the graphical representation of the data
What does the graphical format mean?
Could the data be misinterpreted by a user?
Is there a logical explanation of the data to accompany the graphic?
Can this be improved?
Your thoughts on this piece of graphical information.
Your first response should be a minimum of 100 words.
You should reply to a minimum of 2 other classmates’ responses with 50 words minimum.
To earn full credit you need to answer more than “I agree” or “good job.” Your discussion replies may ask a clarifying question, may relate and apply to another situation, or you can probe the question deeper. But it needs to have substance in order for you to earn points.





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