To do You will find an organization’s social media campaign to analyze. Look for

To do
You will find an organization’s social media campaign to analyze.
Look for articles, posts, or other write ups that provide sufficient detail to complete the assignment.
Some great sources (there are many more!):
Mashable, SpinSucks, Adweek, Fast Company, SocialMediaExplorer, PR Week case studies (creating
a free account should give you access to the case studies on the left), PR News, Council on Public
Relations Firms.
• ~5 pages, double spaced (grade reduction for over/under 1/2 page), and typed in 12-point font,
preferably using Arial, Calibri, Cambria or Times Roman.
• Organize using headers
• Sources: You need to have both in-text citations and a reference at bottom of paper (APA style).
Paper requirements
At least 5 sources needed –include articles about the case your paper is on. You can use assigned
readings, additional academic research or industry texts. In text citations for your sources are needed
to bolster your claims. You need to make sure that your analyses and conclusions are based on
research and data, not personal opinions. Therefore, cite as frequently as possible. Avoid citing
opinion-based articles, such as personal blogs unless qualitative or quantitative data is provided.
Keep in mind that the purpose of this assignment is for you to critique the campaign based on your
own research. I am less interested in what other people think of this campaign. They can be
inspirations of your paper; however, they should not dominate the case study.





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