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Utilizing library journals (refereed), reliable internet and other sources, writ

Utilizing library journals (refereed), reliable internet and other sources, write a paper describing a rural community of interest to you. A. Include the following information: History of the community, Location/geography, Demographics (size, racial/ethnic/cultural composition, age, gender, socioeconomic, education, etc.), Economic base, Social institutions, Social service organizations (i.e., formal organizations and informal organizations), and Strengths and weaknesses B. Assess the community in terms of community theory, generalist social work practice, technology, issues of ethics/values, social and economic justice, diversity and populations at risk. Discuss how this community might oppress certain members. C. Envision yourself as a social worker in this community. Add a reflection on your own strengths and weaknesses to work in this community. D. What significant changes has this community undergone in the past decade? (e.g. population increase/decline, changes in ethnicity, opening/closure of industry, loss or addition of important services, etc.).

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